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We are the Pineapple Food truck, your go-to mobile catering van

Available for private parties, corporate events, and weddings. As a family-run street food taco truck, we bring a unique and personal touch to your dining experience.
Our pride and joy is our custom-built food truck, crafted with love by our own family. This larger-than-life truck is perfectly tailored to handle large weddings and events. Its spacious design allows us to be fast and efficient, ensuring we serve your guests within your designated food service window.
At Pineapple Food Truck, we're not just about tacos; we're about creating unforgettable culinary moments that elevate your special occasions. Join us for a food adventure that combines passion, quality, and a dash of family warmth.

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"A massive hit with all our guests"


"Reliable, friendly and yummy rood"


"Something for everyone"


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